• Legends of the Egyptian Gods: Hieroglyphic Texts and Translations
The Egyptian texts whether the originals be written in hieroglyphic or hieratic characters are here printed in hieroglyphic type and are arranged with English translations page for page. They are printed as they are written in the original documents i.e. the words are not divided. The beginner will find the practice of dividing the words for himself most useful in acquiring facility of reading and understanding the language. The translations are as literal as can reasonably be expected and as a whole I believe that they mean what the original writers intended to say. In the case of passages where the text is corrupt and readings are mixed or where very rare words occur or where words are omitted the renderings given claim to be nothing more than suggestions as to their meanings. It must be remembered that the exact meanings of many Egyptian words have still to be ascertained and that the ancient Egyptian scribes were as much puzzled as we are by some of the texts which they copied and that owing to carelessness ignorance or weariness or all three they made blunders which the modern student is unable to correct. In the Introduction will be found brief descriptions of the contents of the Egyptian texts in which their general bearing and importance are indicated and references given to authoritative editions of texts and translations.

Legends of the Egyptian Gods: Hieroglyphic Texts and Translations

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