• Ghost Hunting 101
Ghost stories are probably as old as the human race and the Greeks and Romans had their fair share of them. Writings from the 1st century AD recount one contemporary haunting. Every night at a mansion in Athens in Greece the ghost of an emaciated old man was said to appear rattling iron chains. The occupants abandoned the place and no one would buy or live in it. Then the philosopher Aethenodorus rented the house. Aethenodorus sometime tutor to the young Augustus who later became emperor of Rome was not to be trifled with. Sending his servants away he lit a lamp and sat down to write. In the middle of the night the clanking sounds began but Athenodorus simply ignored them. Then the ghost appeared at the door but the philosopher merely signalled it to wait. Impatient the ghost stalked forward and began to rattle its chains over his head. Athenodorus followed it outside and when the ghost finally disappeared in the courtyard marked the spot with leaves. The next morning he called upon the city magistrates to dig up the ground in the place he had marked and they found the skeleton of a man in chains. When the remains had been given a proper burial the haunting promptly ceased. Ghosts and hauntings have been around throughout history but many choose not to believe. Think about what your views are and after reading this book see if you change your mind. Ghost Hunting 101: A Guide For Beginners takes you out of your comfort zone and into the world of ghosts. It explores the process of ghost hunting and all the equipment used and gives beginners a stepping off point. This book is easy to read and has basic instructions for anyone who is ready to cast fear aside and hit a haunted house or cemetery

Ghost Hunting 101

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